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How to Sell a House Today for Top Dollar with No Stress and No Hassle

First another gift a free article to the Smarter Home Seller

Hi Smarter Home Seller,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you the tools to successfully sell your house faster, including tools for solving the FSBO 5 Common Fears that you may have experienced.

First off, you are taking action and have made a great proactive, money-saving decision to sell "by owner." Indeed, there are plenty of buyers out there who want to buy your home. However, the realities of facing the tough competition alone against thousands of professionals, agents, and brokers in the industry who have access to valuable resources and tools that you may not have access to, sometimes means, that your home will or could remain unsold for several more months, causing you several more mortgage payments or preventing you from moving forward with your own plans.

We have a team of experts with the right tools and technology to help sell your home FASTER and, in most cases, at a HIGHER PRICE than the competition!

Our team includes professionals with many years of experience.  Therefore, we know what works and what doesn't.  We are selling more homes in this market than ever before in our history because we have the “how to “figured out

Our team will work for you from CONTRACT to CLOSING, while providing the necessary forms and coordination.

 *Tell us your needs, and we'll provide the solutions.

*If you've tried listing on MLS with Realtors, or tried other methods in the past with no success, then this is for you!

*If your phone is NOT ringing off the hook, we'll help you advertise with better language that overcomes "caller reluctance" and generates calls from buyers.

*Even if you've just recently listed your home and you think "I can do it all by myself" and "Trust me, it'll be gone in no time," you still need expert assistance to navigate the complex process after signing a contract with a buyer, to avoid serious missteps that could land you in a legal mess!

The bottom line: Without BUYERS you cannot sell your house!!

We have over 1300 buyers waiting on our buyer’s list now

* We will attract more traffic (Buyers) to your property by using specific targeted advertising that goes far beyond sticking a generic sign in your yard or a generic ad placed on free online sites.

*We pre-screen buyers before they look at your home with us.

* Even with a potential buyer, a deal can fall through if the rest of the components in the transaction are not in place. We have the right contracts and forms and “make it happen”.

Best of all, you'll save the thousands in commissions and 'flat fees' when you decided to work with us. There is no commission or charge to you.  We collect our money from the buyers.  Let me re-emphasize the fact that there are no commissions to you.

If you are serious about selling your property quickly, don't waste any more time on methods that do not work.

Call me right now (770-480-0209) for more information to move forward.

I have sent you these links to some of the information.  Now I need some information from you to get your house sold soon. 

Please spend one minute and click then type in some information that we need to make you two or more offers on your home .

Here is a funny video we made to help many people just like you and I through the process of selling a home without stress or tears.

Mark Neighbor

Mark Neighbor

A O Home Solutions

One of our websites is

Another one of our main websites we use is


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How to Sell a House Today for Top Dollar with No Stress and No Hassle

If you do not want to learn and do all these steps, just call me.
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You can have this task finished and completed in just a few days.

Mark  770-480-0209
We Buy Houses
We have been buying Houses, Homes, Rentals, Apartments, Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads, Pretty, Ugly, fixer uppers, Probate, pre-foreclosures, inheritance homes, for over a decade in Georgia. We live in McDonough, Georgia and are your Local Buying team. We have a group and list of  home buyers who we work with and for to sell all types of property today. You have nothing to lose and no obligation, just honest, professional tips and information along with real written offers to purchase your house now for cash. We are not realtors trying to list your home.  We buy houses for cash as investors and individuals.
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